About us

Established in 2023, CODE81 operates autonomously from within the Technology Cluster of Ghobash Group as a highly agile services driven organization, committed to enabling future thinkers.

Coding a
better future

Deeply connected to a rich legacy of credibility and regional business success, our commitment to progress compels us to perpetually move towards the next – the future. It also inspires us to remain agile, constantly adapting to and embracing new ways of thinking, working, partnerships and perspectives.

Our mission

Coding a better future by building the best in-class digital transformation products and solutions, we are dedicated to enriching people’s lives and helping businesses thrive.

Our values



Speed & agility

Fearless determination

A member of Ghobash Group

For 50+ years, Ghobash Group has contributed to the UAE’s progressive vision, along with the wider region’s economic and social development.

With diversification serving at the core of the Group’s growth strategy to empower resilience and stability throughout varying economic cycles, the Group’s success is built upon its strong partnerships with world-class international brands, long-standing customer relationships, and the best talent in the region, all focused on delivering the most impactful business opportunities.

As the unifying expression of its vision for the future, the Group actively embraces “Growth for Good” as its brand promise, promoting perpetual growth which can deliver immeasurable rewards to its own people, partners, customers, and communities.

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